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Melanie Benz, Actress/Dancer/Choreographer

"The Lincoln Lawyer"

"Taxi Brooklyn"

                                           "Alice is not only a phenomenal                                                           teacher she is astute, catering to an                                                   actors individual needs. No cookie                                                     cutter acting class here. She takes the                                               time to get to know you as person,                                                     your life, your past and utilizes your                                                 strengths and makes you embrace                                                     your weaknesses. She loves what she                                                 does. She loves to see you progress                                                     and grow and is so in love with giving  life to an actor. I'm truly a more incredible talent and actor  and person because of her. She worked with me over the  phone for 10 mins for an audition and I booked it.  She's magical."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

"Alice Carter has such knowledge and expertise in her field. She encourages consistency in work ethic and focus for her classes.​ I​ grew so much from her scene study class and being in her presence. A wonderful encouraging intelligent teacher!"

Tyce Diorio"Emmy ​A​ward ​W​inning ​C​horeographer"

Alice   ----

I have worked with dancers over the entire span of my career as a teacher. The first dancer I ever worked with was the late, great and ever gracious Alexander Godunov. I have a particular love for my work with dancers. Understanding  and appreciating their process, I help them transition from dance to acting or guide them to incorporate a deeper sensibility of acting into their dance. Transforming the fear of losing control into an embrace of freedom and self expression is essential to my work. Helping dancers understand how to use an often paralyzing perfectionism to their advantage is crucial. I help them recognize they are not starting from zero. They are transforming.... one amazing form of expression into another. It's a beautiful journey to behold.

"Alice can see right through a person and knows how to bring the truth out of them. She has been a huge part in opening my eyes to the healing power that acting has in our every day lives. Her classes have given me the space to dig deeper into myself as a person and an artist."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Kathryn McCormick, Actress/Dancer

"Step Up Revolution"

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Paul Karmiryan Actor/Dancer

"Switched at Birth"

"So You Think You Can Dance"

"As a dancer transitioning into acting, I couldn't have hit a bigger lottery than to have started film and scene study with Alice. Her approach not only improved my abilities as an artist but also helped me become a better person. Working with her forced me to reach new heights and explore the beauty of acting. I am very thankful to have  her  as a coach and friend . I look forward to working with  her  further throughout the progression of my career.

Thank you Alice!"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Krystal Ellsworth, Actor/Dancer


"I have tried a lot of different studios in the Los Angeles area and to me, nothing can compare to the teachings of Alice Carter. ​She​ taught me how to use the skills I already possessed and put th​em​ into fuel for my acting. W​h​ether it was my dance background or using my life experiences, she taught me that we are limitless in the choices we can make as actors​;​ w​hich was huge for me to get away from one specific technique and making my acting more authentic and personal. She also gives a very one on one approach when working with you. So while its something the entire class can learn from, the teachings are very much personal and catered to you. I'm so thankful to have come across her and her class and would recommend her to any artist who is wanting to build a foundation to further their career."

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