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Actors work each week with scripted material from film or
television. They are expected to prepare the material in full-
this means script analysis ready, completely off book and
appropriately wardrobed as you would be if you had booked
the job and were on set. The class mirrors the work environment
of the set, thus allowing the actor to meet and overcome on-camera
challenges. Fundamental and advanced skills for acting with the camera are addressed- blocking, types of coverage, levels of performance and working with direction. The goal is to give students an opportunity to grow their knowledge
of  film craft while manifesting performances that are filmatic and fluid.
Students block, tape and record their scenes and are given copies of their work. 


Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles


Material is picked for each student by Alice in order to focus on areas

that are particularly challenging for the individual student. Scenes are

selected from our extensive library from theater, film and television.

The goal of this class is to allow the student to grow and explore every

aspect of craft. Elements covered include: script analysis, story structure

and conflict, proper and effective rehearsal practices, character

development, media specific vocal use, power and subtlety of

performance, and provocative story telling. This is a professional class

and students are required to put in rehearsal time with partners. Work brought into class is expected to reflect detailed attention to and knowledge of the following (where appropriate): the source of the material, the genre, the style of the writer/s, wardrobe, props, dialect, and knowledge of the entire story- not just the scene. 

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles


This is the most effective and sought after audition class in

Los Angeles. One of the greatest challenges you will face in the

audition is to stay centered in your own process and your own

choices. More often than not, you lose your focus in the waiting

room or give your power away​ during the audition. This ​class​

will teach you how to​:​ prepare for an audition​ by​ ​making strong,

personal, effective choices with the material; remain in your own

process​ before the audition; and​ ​take your​ ​most​ skilled and present

sel​f​ into the room.​ ​This is NOT a technique class. ​This is you versus you. Alice will teach you to get out of your own way so you can take your best into the room. Alice has coached many successful actors with this approach. The true

goal of a great audition is more than booking the job. Once you expand your prospective about the audition you will move with greater aptitude toward success. Class cover​s​ ​taped auditions, cold readings, ​call backs, chemistry reads, ​and self tapings.​ ​Material ​is selected from multiple genres​ with roles

appropriate for your casting.

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
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Each class meets once a week (Four times a month).

Students starting mid month will be prorated.

Tuition is on a month to month basis and will be due the first class of the month.

Enrollment Meeting & Audit

To schedule your enrollment meeting and audit a class, please fill out the form below.

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