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Testimonies from clients who've had personal experience with Alice as a mentor and coach.

​Robert C. Miranda, Actor

"Station 19"


"The Bling Ring"

“I love Alice! Coming from San Francisco to LA, it was hard finding a studio where I felt I comfortable to express myself and explore my craft. I tried so many studios, but from the first class with Alice, I knew I found that place. Her class has made me feel more confident for auditions and when I’m on set. She is a rare teacher who actually cares about me as an actor and a person. The studio doesn’t feel like a business, but a family and I appreciate everything she has done for me.”


"Alice is one of those teachers that every eager student

dreams of. She never claims to have all of the answers, nor

does she try to sell you on tricks and gimmicks. She is the

real deal. Alice is a genius when it comes to acting, emotion,

truth and the human experience. She has an uncanny ability

to laser into each student as an individual and find a

goldmine of passion, pain, magic and raw potential. Alice has

been my teacher for 3 years and in those years I have gotten

to grow exponentially thanks in large part to her infinite pool of wisdom, instincts and experience.  Weather it's breaking down a script, doing deep emotional work and pushing me to unleash the depths of my emotion or calling me out on my bullshit, she always meets me exactly where I need to be met. I have never seen a scene that ​A​lice can't bring to life or a student she can't teach. She is whip smart, frighteningly intuitive, truthful and has a heart of gold. Alice has given me the confidence in myself and in my work that I needed to take risks, trust my own instincts and embrace my potential. I would not have booked the roles that I have thus far without Alice's powerful and inspiring teachers. ​Three ​years later and I am still on the edge of my seat every week in class."

Jaz Sinclair, Actor

"Gen V"


"Vampire Diaries"

"Slender Man"

"Paper Towns"

Shane Black, Writer/Director

"The Nice Guys"

"Iron Man 3"

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

"Lethal Weapon"

"I like to sit in at Alice's Studio... both for acting insights, and to revitalize my work as a director.  To stay on top, you must remember to touch bottom -- and Alice is bedrock solid; expanding upon Roy London's classic template, she carries the torch masterfully.  No punches pulled; no slick shortcuts or glitzy brochures- just essential, powerful techniques that resound with those who matter most  in the business.  Give it a try. "

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

"If you want to make great strides in this business, you need someone in your corner who can push you in ways you never thought imaginable. Alice is in my corner and has been for years.  She challenged me to go deeper with my work, to take it a step further, and then go even deeper. She helped me break down walls I didn't even realize were there. Without a doubt, I would not have booked The Walking Dead had Alice not helped me pour a strong foundation first."

Josh McDermitt, Actor

"The Walking Dead - Eugene"

"Twin Peaks"

"Alice is my first recommendation to all actors. She is an unmatched asset in this industry."

Laray Mayfield, Casting Director

"House of Cards"

"Fight Club"

"The Social Network"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Kathryn McCormick, Actress/Dancer

"Step Up Revolution"

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"

"Alice can see right through a person and knows how to bring the truth out of them. She has been a huge part in opening my eyes to the healing power that acting has in our every day lives. Her classes have given me the space to dig deeper into myself as a person and an artist."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Jonathan Schaech, Actor

"Legends of Tomorrow - Jonah Hex"

"That Thing You Do"

“After over twenty years Alice continues to inspire me to grow in my craft of acting and to grow as a human being. I’m so in awe of this fearless and gifted teacher. Acting is the art of living and if this is your dream, your passion you couldn’t be in better hands than with Alice.”

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

​Mariana Klaveno, Actress

"True Blood"


"Alice can analyze a script with surgical precision.  Rarely have I seen someone exhibit such a remarkable grasp on the nuances of character and storytelling.  She’s able to pass that knowledge on to her students with an honest no-nonsense approach, instilling a respect and discipline for the craft of acting.  She also inspires the qualities of fearlessness and intelligence in her students.  Actors can only benefit from the gifts Alice has to offer."

John Levey, Casting Director



"The West Wing"

"I've known Alice as an actress and a teacher for a great many years. I admire her intelligence and dedication. Most teachers simply talk about acting,  Alice has great force, unique vision and a deep understanding of the human condition. Her ideas about craft are sound and essential. She is an excellent communicator."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

"When starting classes with Alice, I was afraid of failure, afraid of imperfection. She taught me to embrace those things, that class is a place to fail, grow, and learn from it. I don't think I would've started booking roles if it hadn't been for her guidance and teaching. On camera film class and scene study prepared me to be on set, but more importantly to be comfortable on set. She gave me all the tools I needed to build a foundation for success."

Katie Stevens, Actress/Singer/Songwriter

"MTV's Faking It - Karma"

"American Idol"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Paul Karmiryan Actor/Dancer

"Switched at Birth"

"So You Think You Can Dance"

"As a dancer transitioning into acting, I couldn't have hit a bigger lottery than to have started film and scene study with Alice. Her approach not only improved my abilities as an artist but also helped me become a better person. Working with her forced me to reach new heights and explore the beauty of acting. I am very thankful to have  her  as a coach and friend . I look forward to working with  her  further throughout the progression of my career.

Thank you Alice!"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Jordan Rennick, Actor

"Every Commercial Ever"

"Alice's razor-sharp intuition and attention to detail feel less like a lie-detector and more like a truth-detector. She quickly gets to the heart of any scene through her precise script analysis and understanding of character and most importantly what makes each individual actor studying with her tick. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, working & studying with Alice for over 10 years.  I can say that she has absolutely changed my acting, my art and most significantly my life. Her perspective on how an actor approaches craft extends far beyond how to be a good actor and offers insight into living a more artistically fulfilled existence. Alice is that rare teacher that doesn’t come along often. Studying with her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

"I've been to a lot of acting studios in LA, and there's a reason that once I joined Alice's studio, I haven't left in over 2 years.  You get a lot of personal attention here;  They don't teach one technique here to all their students, but rather, learn about each individual's strengths and weaknesses and find a personal approach that will help each individual grow immensely..." 

Dia Frampton, Actress/Singer/Songwriter

"The Voice - Finalist"

"Insurgent - Soundtrack"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Jane Jenkins, Casting Director


"Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone"

"A Beautiful Mind"

"The power of good coaching and teaching was made very clear to me - since Alice started teaching I’ve sent many actors her way; the results speak for themselves."

Wentwort Miller, Actor/Writer

"Prison Break - Michael Scofield"

"The Flash - Captain Cold"

"Stoker - Writer"

"I can't define the methodology used at Alice's Studio - it seems to be half technique, half intuition - but I can tell you that Alice has no interest in helping you become the next Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts.  Her only interest is in helping you become the next YOU, in helping you develop, hone and trust in your ability to walk onto a set and bring something to the table that's honest, inspired and unforgettable."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

​​Ryan Cargill, Actor

"WITS Academy - Luke Archer"

"Alice is the absolute best. I've never had a teacher of any kind be able to cut through the clutter so quickly and get right to the root of my issues. What I learned in her classes helped me as an actor, as a stand up comedian, as a writer and as a human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Josh Wolf, Actor/Comedian

"Raising Hope"

"Chelsea Lately"

"The Josh Wolf Show"

"Alice's passion for teaching the craft of acting is contagious and her love of helping you understand how people work, is more so. She will give dimension to already layered work, and a good kick in the pants to lazy work. What she demands of actors who study with her is truth, courage, and commitment to improving. My own experience has been galvanizing in the best way."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Christian Monzon, Actor/Model



"General Hospital"

"If I was to rewind time and go back to pick the perfect acting coach, it would be Alice hands down. No questions. You can't explain the process with words. You have to physically be a witness to see her transform scenes just by empowering the actors to do what they are already capable of doing.  Her strength, the thing that makes her better than most coaches in Los Angeles is the ability to take whatever the actor is struggling with in the moment and make it apart of their performance. If traffic made you late and you have to rush to class and you have all of this cooped up anxiety about your scene, she organically helps transform the scene using whatever color the actors put on her palette. If you want to be inspired. If you want to learn basics or you are a working actor that needs to stay sharp.  If you want the Truth.....go audit one of her classes.  Your life WILL change."

Tyce Diorio

"Emmy ​A​ward ​W​inning ​C​horeographer"

"Alice has such knowledge and expertise in her field. She encourages consistency in work ethic and focus for her classes.​ I​ grew so much from her scene study class and being in her presence. A wonderful encouraging intelligent teacher!"

Dominic Adams, Actor

"Devious Maids"


"Acting is deeply personal. To achieve depth, dynamism, clarity of thought and action you need to have your understanding of the craft honed and your skills sharpened. Based on my experience, Alice i​s the person to facilitate that. She has a laser focused ability to see you and where your individual beauty and talent lies. She is able to highlight barriers you may not even know exist and support you in transcending them in your work. Alice's capacity to function as a director and the brilliance of her insightful teaching make her an invaluable asset to any actor."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Krystal Ellsworth, Actor/Dancer


"I have tried a lot of different studios in the Los Angeles area and to me, nothing can compare to the teachings of Alice. ​She​ taught me how to use the skills I already possessed and put th​em​ into fuel for my acting. W​h​ether it was my dance background or using my life experiences, she taught me that we are limitless in the choices we can make as actors​;​ w​hich was huge for me to get away from one specific technique and making my acting more authentic and personal. She also gives a very one on one approach when working with you. So while its something the entire class can learn from, the teachings are very much personal and catered to you. I'm so thankful to have come across her and her class and would recommend her to any artist who is wanting to build a foundation to further their career."

Alice is one of the most uniquely gifted teachers I know of—in any field.  Her no nonsense approach perfectly merges crystal clear assessment of an actor’s primary challenges with a rare intuitive ability.  Taken together, she masterfully applies these skills to help students discover not just who they are as actors—but who they can be as artists and human beings.  The impact of her work in my life has been huge.  It’s taken me into a creative career far bigger than I could have dreamed possible, and liberated depths of self-expression I had no idea existed.  In a moment filled with so much noise and superficial expression, Alice’s ability to unleash authentic, vibrantly alive artists into our culture has never been more valuable.

Michael Carrera, Chief Storytelling Officer

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Kelvin Yu

"Master Of None"

"Bob's Buger's - Writer"

"Alice has been a major source of positive and creative motivation in my life for almost 20 years. When I was just a 19 year-old Asian American actor feeling desperate and underserved in an industry not designed for someone who looked like me, Alice challenged me to change my self-perception. She may not even remember this, but Alice was the first person to tell me that I could be a leading man. This may not seem like much but, from that germ of an idea, I realized that I could not only be the protagonist of my own story -- I could be the author. These days I'm a working writer as well as an actor. I credit Alice, in part, for planting the seed that ultimately grew into a life and career that allow me to wake up and be creative for a living all day. Good acting coaches are rare and she is one of the good ones. She has the training, tools, and tone to pull you out of your own ass. Keep in mind, she is also one of the strongest people I know and not in the business of blowing smoke. So if you're looking for vacant praise and meaningless applause, you might wanna go somewhere else."

​Sam Myerson, Actor

"​Mary Loss of Soul"

"Heal Over"

"Friends that are aspiring to break into this insanely competitive industry ask me for my advice often about what they should do, what steps they should take, or where they should study. My advice is always the same; you have to find what works for you. Alice works for me. I bounced around a lot of great acting studios, but when I met Alice I went, 'finally… someone who actually cares'. Most people fail to learn quickly that that's the rarest thing in this town. There will never be a time where she isn't my coach."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Susie Park, Actess/​Stunt Performer

​"Spider-Man 2"


"For an actor, I think there are few people more influential in their life than their teacher/coach. I had the amazing good fortune to have been referred to Alice by a veteran actor on a feature film set. Being from the Midwest and just starting out  – finding her was literally a godsend. To me, Alice is a perfect blend of brilliance, strength, wisdom, and compassion, Incredibly intuitive and adept at the craft, she works with each actor as an individual and helps them discover that place inside themselves that fearlessly trusts their instincts, believes in their talent, and gets out of it’s way. And I can’t say enough about who Alice is as a person. As a teacher she is truly gifted and exceptional. As a person – extraordinary. Her guidance has been a grounding force in my life and the quality of her character is unsurpassed. Ask anyone that has ever trained with her…you’d be hard pressed to find a single person who would disagree."

Michelle Belegrin, Actress/Model

"Blood and Bone"

"CSI: Miami"

"Alice is amazing! She has an innate ability to understand one's personal blocks to push and challenge beyond the scene or script. She teaches a deeper understanding and knowledge that transcends the art of acting. Alice has taught me much about myself and given me the tools not only to be a better actor but to live with more confidence and truth."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Michael Trotter, Actor



Jamesy Boy"

"If you're lucky, in any learning environment, there's always that one teacher. Someone who gets you, invests in you, and brings out more of yourself than you every could have on your own. Alice is that one for me. She once told class that if there is something else apart from acting that you could do with your life and be happy, than it might be best to go do that now. It wasn't a threat but a pointed yet generous challenge to look inward and ask honestly why this path is for you. You simply must love it to an unreasonable degree. Of the many things that I could thank Alice for, and there are many, I'm most thankful for instilling in me a genuine love for the craft​.

Not the job or getting the job, but truly loving the process, in all it's wonderfully frustrating glory. And for that, I am eternally grateful."

"Alice is an incredibly talented teacher. My time at the studio was immensely helpful for my growth as an actor and filmmaker. She’s perceptive, caring and always motivated me to do my absolute best. I’ll always be grateful for her encouragement and belief."

Phillip Rhys, Actor



"Dr. Who"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Tony Okungbowa, Actor/DJ/Producer

"Ellen Show"

"Mother of George"

"Echo Park"

"Alice’s studio is where I work my acting muscles . Her ability to strip the work down to the bare bones and allow me to work my way through, is priceless  fuel for my process as an actor. She speaks a language actors understand because she was one. When I  get an audition or have booked work the first place I go is to Alice. I go to my acting gym. I go to my acting home, where I feel safe to do the required work."

Lisa Kaminir, Actress

"Criminal Minds"

"Blue Bloods"

"The Mentalist"

"Alice brings to her teaching style the perfect blend of directness and nurturing.  She has a keen eye both as a coach and director and cuts right to the chase in trying to elicit the best work from her students..."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

"Alice is the most gifted acting teacher on the planet! Her intuition, kindness, expertise, and the safe space she holds for each student, are things I've never experienced, let alone in such abundance. I can say that she gave me a clear passage to my artist self. Not only did I grow as an actor and

a person with her loving guidance, my art flourished in every area of my life!!!..."

Jessica Ranek, Actress

"Twins by Surprise"

Elizabeth Graham, Actress/Writer


"Light Afflictions"

"The studio is the most welcoming acting class I have ever attended.  I am pretty sure I am the oldest actress at the studio, but Alice and the other students never treated me differently and I have always felt totally comfortable.  I am in awe that year after year Alice continually radiates such a  genuine degree of interest, and excitement in encouraging all of her students to progress.  Her enthusiasm is refreshing and contagious.  Not only did I find a home at the studio, but I found myself as a solid actress with no apologies.  Alice is the best teacher I ever studied with and one of the loveliest women I’ve known."

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Tyler Nimmons Actor/Producer/Editor

"The Mentalist"


"Crossing Jordan"

"My first impression of studying with Alice was “…this woman does not like me.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. She sees everybody's potential and believes in them more than they know.  She has a very unique insight into story as as well a deep understanding of it. She inspires you to explore and go beyond what you think you’re capable of. Alice does what I believe to be the mark of a great teacher…She makes you feel like it was all your doing, which in turn gives you great confidence in the choices you make in your work. Her selflessness and ability to quietly inspire makes her one the most gifted teachers I have ever had."

Allen Kepler, Actor

"Florence + the Machine: Delilah"

"Florence + the Machine: The Odyssey

"Alice has changed my life! Her unique and specific guidance is both inspiring and life altering.  Alice has helped me to find ‘me’ in my acting. When I walk on a set or into a casting office, I now have the confidence that I am prepared for the role, and ready for anything the director might throw at me. In her classes, I have seen remarkable breakthroughs with so many actors. If you want to reinvent yourself, go see Alice!"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Alice is not only a phenomenal teacher she is astute, catering to an actors individual needs. No cookie cutter acting class here. She takes the time to get to know you as person, your life, your past and utilizes your strengths and makes you embrace your weaknesses. She loves what she does. She loves to see you progress and grow and is so in love with giving life to an actor. I'm truly a more incredible talent and actor and person because of her. She worked with me over the phone for 10 mins for an audition and I booked it. She's magical. 

Melanie Benz, Actress/Dancer/Choreographer

"The Lincoln Lawyer"

"Taxi Brooklyn"

"Alice was the first teacher I had when I started acting 19 years ago. I was scared and had walls up thicker than I knew.  Alice treats every student based on who and where they are when they walk into her class.  She has an innate ability to see through the walls and into the real person, the raw person in front of her.  I have never seen another teacher, (and I have studied with many) who can teach with such laser like vision. She has taught me scene study, cold reading, on camera, and been an amazing director of numerous plays.  I have even found myself just coming to other classes to watch her teach, as I have learned as much from watching her teach other students as I have when she is working directly with me.  She found a way to open me up, she was patient, yet firm, and all the work I did paid off in a huge way.  Not only am I a better actor, but I'm a more open and confident person.  Not only is she a phenomenal teacher, but she is an extremely talented writer, director, mentor, leader and team builder. One of the amazing things about the atmosphere she creates, is that the students feel so motivated they work together to go out into the world and create their own projects and careers."

Tamara Raudman, Actress

"Rock, Paper, Scissors"

Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles
Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

​Cortney Scott Wright, Actress

"Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart"

"I thought I learned all I needed to from college acting classes. What I didn't know was that I hadn't even scratched the surface for the emotional life of an actor. That's what I learned from Alice. Most acting studios have a technique, but Alice focuses on the individual. Alice's Studio creates a space for actors to discover their best selves with an incredible guide. I was challenged to go places with my work that I never thought possible and I'm so grateful to have found this studio. I was able to breakthrough my idea of "acting" and uncover the truth of "living" in a character. Before meeting Alice, I was trying to give my idea of a role or what I thought casting was looking for. Now I have the confidence to bring myself to every role and that came from working with Alice."

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