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Alice's Studio acting classes Los Angeles

Alice has been a successful teacher, private coach, director and script

advisor for over twenty years. She teaches the most effective and

popular on-camera film class and audition class in Los Angeles. What

is unique and profound about her work with actors is that it is fiercely

individual. Alice believes in the undeniable independent identity of

each actor. She does not employ method but process. Process requires

attention to the finding what works for the actor not what method the

actor needs to adopt. This allows the student to discover how they work.

Her intelligent script analysis, practical knowledge of film/camera

technique and mysteriously keen intuition work together to empower

the actor with skill and knowledge that unlock performances which are

alive, surprising and expansive- all important qualities for film acting

of today. From audition, to callback, to set work she has successfully

guided both seasoned and novice actors to success. Alice has more that

20 clients currently working on more than 15 networks- some of which

include Netflix, AMC, HBO, FX, HULU, FOX, & AMAZON. 

​One thing that makes Alice unique as a coach is that she has ​had ​practical experience on both sides of the camera. Her credits as an actress include performances in films such as Young Guns, television work as a series regular with acclaimed comics Don Rickles and Richard Lewis , and theatre work with respected American Playwright Lanford Wilson and director Marshall Mason.

While her training as a young actress was considerable, her primary mentors include Roy London and Stella Adler. She has great respect and gratitude for those teachers. Her formal and extensive training is evidenced


in her teaching as she equally values discipline and creative freedom. From her students she demands honesty, integrity and dedication. She is committed to helping actors evolve. Alice believes that the most important thing an actor can do is to strive to know himself or herself. She helps actors discover their own unique process and to accept that this process will evolve and grow as the actor does. Knowledge

of self allows actors to overcome personal obstacles and become empowered. Alice maintains that every role lives within you. The question is, do you have the courage to face that role within yourself?  Alice has ability and desire to help you do so.

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