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Training as an actor can be a challenging journey. It is important to have a master as your guide. Alice has been a masterful guide for many successful industry professionals for more than 20 years and she can be for you as well. Great acting is an art and Alice believes that it deserves to be taught as such. There is no template for art. There is no formula for good acting. As an artist, you are unique. Alice has the ability to guide you in a way that is best suited for you. She not only trains you to become a more skilled and educated actor, but she also inspires you to expand and deepen your experience of life. She has a keen ability to help you sharpen your script analysis and go deeper in your emotional work by unblocking aspects in your work you are protecting. Acting is storytelling. Great actors have the courage to tell not only the scripted story, but their story through the character as well. You will learn to manifest scripted characters honestly, creatively, and skillfully.  What's your story? Come meet with Alice. She's interested to find out.

Act on it!


Okay, Here We Go!

48-Hour Film Festival

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Carlos Miranda, Actor

"Station 19"


"The Bling Ring"

“I love Alice! Coming from San Francisco to LA, it was hard finding a studio where I felt I comfortable to express myself and explore my craft. I tried so many studios, but from the first class with Alice, I knew I found that place. Her class has made me feel more confident for auditions and when I’m on set. She is a rare teacher who actually cares about me as an actor and a person. The studio doesn’t feel like a business, but a family and I appreciate everything she has done for me.”

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